Why Data Science

Data Science Career Paths and More

Data science has become the fuel for countless industries. It powers everything from innovation and the customer experience to the future of health care. Data science has the potential to improve the way we live and work, and it can empower others to make better decisions, solve problems, discover new advancements, and address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

With a data science career, you can be a part of this transformation. Choosing data science means becoming an expert in making positive change. As a data scientist, you can provide leaders with the valuable information they need to make confident decisions, propel businesses forward, drive change in communities, and so much more.

Why Data Science: By the Numbers

  • 100% of surveyed Notre Dame Data Science students employed within six months of graduation

  • $250K the amount that highly experienced data scientists can earn, according to a Burtch Works study.

  • #3 out of 50 best occupations in the U.S. is data scientist, according to Glassdoor (2022)

Pros & Cons of Working in the Data Science Field: Data Science Career Outlook

If you’re wondering “why data science” or whether a master’s in data science is worth it, consider these pros and cons:

Why Data Science? Pros of Working in the Data Science Field

  • Data science careers are in high demand. If you choose a data science for your career path, you can rest assured that there is no shortage of opportunity for data science careers. Organizations in nearly every industry are looking for data scientists, particularly those with a robust set of skills. The demand for data scientists, coupled with the preparation our master’s program offers has resulted in 100% of our students being employed within six months of graduation. Our graduates have received promotions in their current roles, lucrative job offers, and new opportunities to be part of decision-making teams.
  • There’s a low supply of workers in the data science field. Many data science positions are available, but there are very few people with the skills required to fill these roles. This means if you have storytelling, quantitative and computational data skills and can communicate effectively and act ethically, you’ll have a competitive edge in securing a job in data science.
  • The data science field is versatile and broadly applicable. Data science is a very flexible field and can be applied across all types of industries. From banking and education to marketing and nonprofits, nearly every type of organization benefits from having a data science expert on their team who can explore, report on, and monitor data to make better decisions, improve performance, and meet goals faster. So, if you’re wondering what you can do with a data science degree in a specific industry, it’s likely you’ll find an opportunity that resonates with your career interests and values.
  • A data science career has the potential to make a lasting impact. As a data scientist, you’ll compile, analyze, and extract valuable insights from data. That data has the ability to do many powerful things: detect early-stage tumors, optimize shipping routes, improve athletic performance, and detect fraud, for starters.

Working in the Data Science Field (Cons):

  • It requires preparation. Choosing a data science career path means you’ll need to develop a diverse set of skills and earn the right credentials. A Master’s in Data Science or Executive Certificate in Data Science can help you gain the unique combination of technical and soft skills you need to bring worlds of data together and communicate what you uncovered.
  • Data science is a fast-paced field. The speed at which data science changes can be exciting, but this also means that you need to keep up with new advancements, tools, and best practices. So, you’ll want to be sure you can be agile enough in your data science career that you can adapt to change.
  • Data science involves potential privacy risks. Data comes in all forms and from many different sources: patient medical records, purchase histories, credit scores, etc. As a result, this information must be handled ethically to ensure user privacy and comply with principles like General Data Protection Rules (or GDPR).

What Can You Do With a Data Science Degree?

If you’re wondering what you can do with a data science degree, the data science career outlook is strong. In the past few years alone, the demand for data science skills and data-driven decision making has steeply risen as they become essential tools for organizations that want to do everything they can to ensure success.

Big data and the field of data science present big opportunities for career advancement. Depending on the industry and role you choose, you’ll find a wide variety of data science job titles with nuanced job descriptions to match specific skill sets.

Common data science career paths or job titles include:

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Data architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Research scientist

Why Data Science at Notre Dame? Get the Skills You Need for a Lucrative Data Science Career

An online Master’s in Data Science from the University of Notre Dame immerses you in a uniquely rigorous curriculum that equips you for today’s job market—and prepares you to adapt as data science changes.

You’ll build the skills and knowledge necessary to become a three-dimensional data scientist: one who can combine quantitative and computational data skills with effective communications and ethical practices. Learn how to:

  • Use powerful tools to analyze data
  • Unpack the stories big data can tell
  • Work with modern data systems and technologies
  • Learn R and Python programming languages for data manipulation, visualization, and more
  • Work with database technologies like NoSQL, graph databases, and Hadoop
  • Experiment with data science methods and apply them to real-world datasets
  • Create and apply linear models
  • Approach data analysis ethically and better understand human behavior

Josh LoveJoy, Class of 2019

Director of Program Management

“Having [the data science master’s] degree was key to bolstering my technical portfolio and building my technical confidence. It helped me become a more competent technical leader.”

Navigate Your Data Science Career Path at Notre Dame

Why data science at Notre Dame? In addition to the rigorous curriculum and data science career opportunities you’ll gain, you’ll also benefit from our cohort model, distinctive course delivery, and alumni network.

Join a Tight-Knit Community of Data Scientists

We limit cohorts to 48 students to help you build a once-in-a-lifetime network. Students in our data science master’s program represent 31 U.S. states and range in age from 24 to 56. From this diverse group, you’ll discover how to package and present ideas in new ways, and you’ll learn alongside colleagues who share their own experiences within new contexts.

Benefit From an Interactive Format

Our interactive online community includes live and asynchronous sessions, combining personal connection with convenience and flexibility. Immersion weekends give you the chance to get to know your classmates and truly experience the Notre Dame Edge.

Apply Your Skills in Real-World Contexts

At Notre Dame, we aim to move you down your data science career path and help you apply concepts right away. As part of your capstone course, you’ll work with real companies like AT&T or one of our other seven corporate partners. You’ll answer questions they have about their data and practice preparing data, developing appropriate models, and producing reports that address those questions. In other words, you’ll get plenty of relevant, hands-on experience.

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