The power of big data and AI doesn’t stem from an algorithm—it comes from talented data scientists who understand why, how, and when to use it. In the hands of well-trained data scientists, data can inform critical business decisions, shape social discourse, and change the world for the better.

Become a part of that change with Notre Dame’s data science online programs. You’ll develop essential mathematical and technical skills and learn to combine them with critical thinking. Gain a deep understanding of how your work impacts the world we live in and learn data science online in a flexible format. At Notre Dame, we prioritize creating the community and networking opportunities you need to give you a leading edge in the data science field.

Master's Program

Prepare for rapid career growth and long-term success as a data scientist in our data science online master’s program. Complete rigorous graduate study in a personalized online learning environment and work on real-world data science projects for Notre Dame’s industry partners.

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Student-Hosted Info Session

Hear what our data science online programs are like from a student’s perspective in this video info session.


Get an overview of the data science online courses you’ll take in the master’s program, including technical skills, data visualization, statistics, software, and more.

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Download an informational view book for a deeper dive into the data science online degree offered at Notre Dame.