Because data science is a complex technical field, some prerequisite training in mathematics and computer science is essential for success in the program. These prerequisites may be achieved through an undergraduate program, through professional experience, through recommended online self-study resources, or a combination of the above.


If you’d like a refresher on these topics, we encourage you to use: Integration RulesDefinite Integrals, and Mathematical Functions, Basic Vector, Basic and Intermediate Matrix Skills.

  • Calculus, preferably acquired through a university-level course, including topics such as differentiation rules for single variable calculus; integration rules for single variable calculus; mathematical functions; basic vector and matrix skills; intermediate matrix skills

Computational Skills

  • Basic programming in a language such as Java, C++, or Python
  • Basic familiarity with data structures

Communication Skills

  • Ability to communicate clearly, coherently and professionally in spoken and written form


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