Brian Naughton

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist
102G Crowley Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Dr. Brian Naughton received his PhD in Statistics in 2018 from North Carolina State University, after receiving his and his Masters in 2015 from NCSU, and his BS in Math from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2011. Brian’s research focused on Bayesian regression models, particularly for high dimensional data. The research was motivated by using subjective knowledge about R-squared to elicit priors for a regression model. While at NC State, he taught Introduction to Statistics for undergraduates, and worked at Red Hat and MIT Lincoln Lab.

Brian currently works as a Senior Data Scientist for Google on the Payments team in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work includes designing and analyzing experiments, building and optimizing ML models for the payments platform, and using causal inference methods.

In his free time Brian enjoys spending time with his wife (Katie) and dog (Smokey). He also enjoys reading, hiking, woodworking and training in Muay Thai / kickboxing.