Dive into the Tidyverse with Hadley Wickham!

Author: Staff

An advert for a session by Hadley Wickham recorded at Notre Dame titled, "Welcome to the Tidyverse."

What is the Tidyverse and how does it make data science faster, easier and more fun?

Hadley Wickham’s informative and entertaining public lecture, hosted and filmed by Notre Dame’s online master’s in data science program, explains exactly that as he takes a deep dive into the Tidyverse, a toolbox of R packages widely used in the world of data science.

Wickham, the primary developer of Tidyverse and the Chief Scientist at R, created a collection of tools for R that make it possible for data scientists to process and visualize data in ways they never imagined.

Packages like readr for data import, tidyr for tidying data, ggplot2 for data visualization and modeling, and dplyr for data manipulation and transformation are just a few of the tools in the Tidyverse toolbox that make data science an exciting and dynamic field.

Watch our video to see Wickham demonstrate how handy Tidyverse tools, like the lazy, surly tibble, can:

  • Enable data scientists to be more productive
  • Foster better communication using data
  • Help data scientists “dig a pit of success”