Get Ready for an Inside Look at Designing our Online Data Science Courses

Author: Staff

A person points at a screen displaying a complex graph while taking notes.

In our next Facebook Live event, Roger Woodard, Program Director for Notre Dame’s online data science program, will speak with Office of Digital Learning Director and Senior Learning Designer, Laurie Kirkner. Woodard and Kirkner will discuss how we design and build the courses for our online MS-ACMS Data Science program to prepare skilled three-dimensional data scientists.

Like us on Facebook so that you don’t miss our live session. You’ll get an insider’s look at the cutting-edge learning technologies and designs, as well as the custom learning management system we built to provide the best possible online learning experience for our students. After liking our Facebook page, mark your calendars for the next two live events:

  • 1/10 at 5:30 pm ET | Our Course Design: Learn about what goes into developing our coursework designed to prepare the skilled three-dimensional data scientist.
  • 1/24 at 5:30 pm ET | Navigating Applying and Admissions: Gain an understanding of the application requirements and the admissions process.

If you missed our most recent Facebook Live event, watch our video for a look at what went into building our program and what our Program Director, Roger Woodard, thinks about as he guides the program.

“The program we are building at Notre Dame puts together what I think of as all the right pieces to make a really great, world-class online data science program,” said Woodard.

In our video, Woodard explains that the overarching focus for the design of Notre Dame’s online data science master’s program is to provide the best educational experience for students. Other topics covered in the video include:

  • How Notre Dame’s strong desire to support the social good beyond the campus and be influential global leaders led the university to establish its first online program in the fast-growing field of data science.
  • The expertise provided by the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. The collaboration with departments across campus established the academic rigor that’s at the core of our program.
  • Our partnership with AT&T and other industry leaders to design a program that produces graduates with the skills employers really need in data scientists.
  • The personalized support offered by small classes and a dedicated staff to talk and work with our students.
  • The combination of asynchronous online content with live sessions in our virtual classroom. We bring students together in the synchronous sessions so that they’re not just learning how to do things, but also learning how to think critically about the ethical implications of their work and understand the social context of data-driven decision making.