Faculty Discuss How We Train Data Science Students to Succeed

Author: Staff

Huy Huynh in a dark blue button down shirt smiles in front of a digital screen during production of an instructional video.

“We are not training a generation of button pushers, a generation of number crunchers. We want to train data scientists in every sense of the term,” said Dr. Alan Huebner from our data science faculty.

Award-winning data science faculty members, Dr. Huy Huynh and Dr. Huebner from our online MS-ACMS Data Science program, believe that the program’s distinctive data science master’s curriculum enables students from varied academic and professional backgrounds to become data scientists.


Watch our video to hear Dr. Huynh and Dr. Huebner discuss how our program prepares students to succeed at the highest levels of the data science field.

The strong foundation in quantitative skills built into the first-semester data science master’s courses, and the level of faculty engagement in designing and teaching the curriculum, create a learning environment for success. “I’m positive our students will be able to succeed in the program,” said Huynh.

Courses, such as statistics and probability and linear modeling, are designed to give students a firm grounding in statistical theory and math. These skills provide a foundation for success in later data science master’s courses where students learn and perfect the more-advanced data science skills, such as modeling, data mining, and machine learning.

“Faculty are involved in the entire data science curriculum design,” said Roger Woodard, Program Director for the online master’s in data science program. “Each course builds on concepts learned in previous courses to form an integrated whole, providing students with the strong technical, quantitative, and analytical skills required in the field.”

Notre Dame’s personalized approach and integrative curriculum make our online master’s in data science program accessible to professionals with a variety of backgrounds. Students and faculty interact frequently in live weekly sessions and in-person immersion weekends, creating a closely-knit learning community that reflects the high standards of Notre Dame.  

To learn more about how our curriculum uniquely prepares our graduates to perform at the highest level of this dynamic, fast-growing field, download our student guide.