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Earlier this month, Professor Jennifer Cronin and I discussed Notre Dame’s online MS-ACMS: Data Science program and how we educate “three-dimensional data scientists” during a live information session. We covered topics such as: What constitutes a three-dimensional data scientist How our program produces three-dimensional data scientists How the online experience our program offers helps students […]

As the program manager of Notre Dame’s online master’s in Data Science program, one of my key roles is to be a resource for the students. This role gives me the unique opportunity to hear first-hand from the students about their experiences in the program. Throughout the year, I’ve heard constructive feedback from our students […]

What’s exciting about becoming a data scientist is also what makes it challenging. The excitement comes from the fact that data science is an emerging field and data scientists are in high demand. However, an emerging field means there’s no defined roadmap that shows aspiring data scientists exactly how to secure “the best job in […]

Potential applicants for our online data science master’s program often ask, “What makes a strong applicant?” As the Admissions and Communications Coordinator for Notre Dame’s online MS-ACMS Data Science program, my role is to serve as a conduit between the applicants and the admissions committee, answering questions about our data science prerequisites and explaining the […]

“We are not training a generation of button pushers, a generation of number crunchers. We want to train data scientists in every sense of the term,” said Dr. Alan Huebner from our data science faculty. Award-winning data science faculty members, Dr. Huy Huynh and Dr. Huebner from our online MS-ACMS Data Science program, believe that […]

In our next Facebook Live event, Roger Woodard, Program Director for Notre Dame’s online data science program, will speak with Office of Digital Learning Director and Senior Learning Designer, Laurie Kirkner. Woodard and Kirkner will discuss how we design and build the courses for our online MS-ACMS Data Science program to prepare skilled three-dimensional data scientists. […]