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Early in 2018, Data Scientist Caitlin Hudon tweeted an important question: What is the most underrated or undervalued skill for a new data scientist? When we think about the important skills for data scientists, many of us immediately think of their programming and quantitative abilities. While these skills are crucial for developing the technical foundation […]

As director of Notre Dame’s online master’s in Data Science program, I’m frequently asked, “What’s the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?” A quick scan of job postings or lists of the hottest data jobs reveals that there’s no one set definition of “data scientist” and “data analyst.” Businesses and organizations tend […]

This past weekend my husband and I were treated to an exceptionally nice dinner in Chicago by our best friends. They had purchased a table for four and gifted us our seats as a Christmas present. For several weeks, we looked forward to the outing. What could be better than indulging in a 15-course meal […]

What’s exciting about becoming a data scientist is also what makes it challenging. The excitement comes from the fact that data science is an emerging field and data scientists are in high demand. However, an emerging field means there’s no defined roadmap that shows aspiring data scientists exactly how to secure “the best job in […]

A distinguishing factor in Notre Dame’s online master’s in data science program is our collaboration with leading technology company AT&T. Through this partnership, students benefit from a degree offered from a university renowned for its academic excellence and a program informed by industry experts. “AT&T is proud to collaborate on this innovative online program to […]

The University of Notre Dame is partnering with the city of South Bend to transform raw, underused data into useful information that can be used to shape policy and improve city government, saving taxpayer time and money. As part of an effort led by the University’s new online master’s degree program in applied and computational […]