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Use of data has long been an important aspect of healthcare.   Since the beginning of modern medicine, biostatisticians have analyzed data from clinical trials to enable rigorous, evidence-based decision making in treating patients. However, with the integration of more data into clinical practice, the impact of data science on patient care has significantly expanded.  […]

With rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI), will the job of data scientist — voted the #1 best job in America in Glassdoor’s annual report and predicted to have 2,720,000 job openings by 2020 — be obsolete in 20 years? To answer that question, we spoke with industry experts about the career outlook for data […]

Early in 2018, Data Scientist Caitlin Hudon tweeted an important question: What is the most underrated or undervalued skill for a new data scientist? When we think about the important skills for data scientists, many of us immediately think of their programming and quantitative abilities. While these skills are crucial for developing the technical foundation […]

Data science is a dynamic and fast-moving field. The almost-daily arrival of new methods and capabilities brings complex ethical challenges. Across industries, data scientists who can navigate this high-velocity environment in an ethical manner are urgently in demand. Notre Dame’s online MS-ACMS Data Science program prepares future leaders by weaving ethics and social-good questions throughout […]