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With rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI), will the job of data scientist — voted the #1 best job in America in Glassdoor’s annual report and predicted to have 2,720,000 job openings by 2020 — be obsolete in 20 years? To answer that question, we spoke with industry experts about the career outlook for data […]

What’s exciting about becoming a data scientist is also what makes it challenging. The excitement comes from the fact that data science is an emerging field and data scientists are in high demand. However, an emerging field means there’s no defined roadmap that shows aspiring data scientists exactly how to secure “the best job in […]

What is the Tidyverse and how does it make data science faster, easier and more fun? Hadley Wickham’s informative and entertaining public lecture, hosted and filmed by Notre Dame’s online master’s in data science program, explains exactly that as he takes a deep dive into the Tidyverse, a toolbox of R packages widely used in the […]