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Earlier this month, Professor Jennifer Cronin and I discussed Notre Dame’s online MS-ACMS: Data Science program and how we educate “three-dimensional data scientists” during a live information session. We covered topics such as: What constitutes a three-dimensional data scientist How our program produces three-dimensional data scientists How the online experience our program offers helps students […]

In our recent information session, I spoke with two of our students, Sarah Baylor and Mitch Speer, about their experiences in the online MS-ACMS Data Science program. Prior to joining the program, Sarah and Mitch were both high school math teachers. They enjoyed teaching but wanted to take their careers in a new direction. As […]

As director of Notre Dame’s online master’s in Data Science program, I’m frequently asked, “What’s the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?” A quick scan of job postings or lists of the hottest data jobs reveals that there’s no one set definition of “data scientist” and “data analyst.” Businesses and organizations tend […]

What’s exciting about becoming a data scientist is also what makes it challenging. The excitement comes from the fact that data science is an emerging field and data scientists are in high demand. However, an emerging field means there’s no defined roadmap that shows aspiring data scientists exactly how to secure “the best job in […]

Data science is a dynamic and fast-moving field. The almost-daily arrival of new methods and capabilities brings complex ethical challenges. Across industries, data scientists who can navigate this high-velocity environment in an ethical manner are urgently in demand. Notre Dame’s online MS-ACMS Data Science program prepares future leaders by weaving ethics and social-good questions throughout […]