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In our next Facebook Live event, Roger Woodard, Program Director for Notre Dame’s online data science program, will speak with Office of Digital Learning Director and Senior Learning Designer, Laurie Kirkner. Woodard and Kirkner will discuss how we design and build the courses for our online MS-ACMS Data Science program to prepare skilled three-dimensional data scientists. […]

What is the Tidyverse and how does it make data science faster, easier and more fun? Hadley Wickham’s informative and entertaining public lecture, hosted and filmed by Notre Dame’s online master’s in data science program, explains exactly that as he takes a deep dive into the Tidyverse, a toolbox of R packages widely used in the […]

The increase of large volumes of structured and unstructured data, known as Big Data, means today’s businesses and organizations have a greater opportunity to solve problems and make informed decisions through data analysis. However, Big Data is so massive and complex that traditional data processing tools are inadequate. Enter the data scientist. What does a […]