Alan Huebner

How can rigorous statistical training solve real world problems? By drawing on industry experience, Professor Alan Huebner, an Assistant Professional Specialist, has established himself as a leading researcher in the fields of computerized adaptive testing, sequential mastery testing, and diagnostic classification modeling.

Prior to his arrival at Notre Dame in 2011, Professor Huebner was a Research Associate at ACT, Inc., a leader in the educational testing industry.

In his teaching, Professor Huebner draws on his industry experience to offer innovative classes that combine exacting statistical training with real world problems; his classes feature analyses of real data sets using R and SAS and emphasize fundamental concepts in statistical modeling as well as modern techniques such as resampling methods, penalized estimation, and Bayesian statistics. A dedicated teacher and mentor, Professor Huebner oversees numerous undergraduate research projects, all of which involve using R to write code for statistical simulations and perform complex analyses. Professor Huebner also collaborates with members of the Notre Dame community on various projects such as analysis of concussions in boxers and young athletes. Professor Huebner obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Outside of teaching, he enjoys exploring the South Bend area with his wife and kids.